1. About the company

Almaty Heavy Machine Building Plant was founded on the basis of the evacuated Lugansk Locomotive Building Plant on November 17, 1941.

The plant’s facilities were installed and put into operation, and the plant started execution of the first military order - production of bombs, mines and shells.

AHMBP completely switched to peaceful production. Production of new types of equipment for metallurgy industry of the USSR had been mastered. By 1950, the range of new products reached 84 items.

AHMBP entered the world market with its products.

1551 -1960
The plant mastered production of more than 10 types of drawbenches for the needs of hardware and cable plants.

AHMBP jointly with VNIIMETMASH started industrial production of continuous casting machines and rolling of aluminum and copper rolled wires. Development of a base for production of first wide-strip rolling mills "1700", "2000", "2500"was in progress.

Commercial production of tube cold rolling mill of roller type was started on the basis of a fundamentally new method of rolling of particularly thin-walled tubes of high purity for nuclear power engineering.

Tube cold rolling mill of roller types for cold rolling of high purity tubes obtained worldwide recognition.

AHMBP took the leading position in the USSR in designing and manufacture of mills for coarse drawing of all types of wire.

In cooperation with the Kiev Institute of Electric welding named after Paton, AHMBP manufactured a flux cored wire mill VMEP 6/350. The group of specialists of AHMBP was awarded the State Award of the Kazakh SSR in the field of science and technology for designing and application of drum-type tube-drawing machines.

Completion of AHMBP reconstruction, a new block of main workshops of a total area of 49 450 square meters was put into operation.

AHMBP is the first company in the industry, reorganized into a joint-stock company.

Eastern Development Fund (the USA) awarded AHMBP with the International "Golden Globe" award for production of competitive and high-quality products.

The International Marketing Institute awarded AHMBP with "International Diamond Star for Quality".

AHMBP is commended by the Government of Kazakhstan for production of import-substituting products for oil-and-gas and mining industries.

«AHMBP» JSC celebrated 60 years anniversary. AHMBP obtained a state license for design and manufacture of equipment for oil-and-gas and energy industries.

On July 14, 2003, «AHMBP» JSC obtained a certificate of conformity of quality management system certifying that the management and quality system had been assessed and found to conform to ISO 9001:2000. Certificate №:03.090.026

The year of production of flux cored wire product lines LIP 10-19M